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Effects of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Effects of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

The terms alcohol abuse, addiction and alcohol dependence are always used interchangeably. They are, in fact, clear distinctions between them. Both involve the serious misuse of alcohol likely to cause real damage to health and wellbeing. Abuse of alcohol often allows a person’s life to continue with some normality, but there is an undefined tipping point where the alcohol takes charge, and you become dependent, or addicted, to it.

Drinking excessively, to the extent you’re misusing alcohol is very risky. It can lead to a variety of illnesses and numerous social consequences. Causes of alcoholism can be sudden, and traumatic. Stressful changes, or upsetting circumstances, such as a job loss, divorce, breakup, bereavement or unexpected issues can all contribute to a need to suppress feelings, and alcohol becomes the answer to everything. Using it for many years as a social crutch can also invite the onset of alcoholism, as your body gradually becomes more tolerant and dependent on booze.

If you are binge drinking or alcohol is a part of your daily routine, there’s an increased chance of developing alcoholism. Abuse of alcohol and dependency on drinking will always negatively impact your life in one way or another. Long-term alcohol abuse can result in very dangerous health complications; affecting your brain and every other organ in your body. Excessive abuse of alcohol will also harm your finances, ability to function, career, family, friends and colleagues.

The social consequences of alcohol addiction are deeply harmful. Alcoholics are likely to experience or perpetrate domestic violence as it takes hold and affects the family unit.. Drinking excessively, or obsessionally, and more often than your peers places a huge amount of strain on the family unit.

Don’t allow alcohol take control of your life. Take control of your alcoholism, and take control of your addiction. Explore the solutions to addiction and alcoholism by taking control. Contact site for more history on the dangers of alcoholism, dependency, and break the cycle.

Compulsive and obsessive drinking is illustrated by a variety of changes in your personality and decision making. If you or a loved one have developed a dependence, it is likely you will recognise one of the following ‘flags’ of alcohol addiction and alcoholism. The bottom line is: if you have a concern about the effects of alcohol, consult your GP, or alternatively contact us for more specific treatment. We offer excellent, cost effective and insightful treatment processes for alcoholism. Contact us now.

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